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    • Da-Da. Comic Song. 

      Bermudas (arranger) (J.L. Carncross & Co., 918 Arch St., 1868)
    • Dabney, Charles William Jr. 

      Unknown author (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1842-1907)
      Digitized correspondence of the Daniel Coit Gilman papers, MS.0001.
    • Dacopa Waltz. 

      Louis Wallis (composer) (Balmer & Weber, 56 Fourth St., 1858)
    • Daddy 

      Henry M. Blossom (lyricist); Alfred G. Robyn (composer) (Theo. Bendix Music Pub., 1431 Broadway, The House of Surprises, 1907)
    • Daddy Come Home. 

      Irving Berlin (composer lyricist) (Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., 112 West 38th St., 1913)
    • Daddy is a Yale Man. 

      Unknown author (the Yale Record, 1946)
    • Daddy Long Legs. 

      Sam M. Lewis (lyricist); Joe Young (composer); Harry Ruby (composer) (Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., Music Publishers, Strand Theatre Bldg., Broadway at 47th St., 1919)
    • Daddy You've Been a Mother To Me. 

      Fred Fisher (composer lyricist) (McCarthy-Fisher, Inc., 224 W. 46th St., 1920)
    • Daddy's Grocery Store. 

      Will J. Hardman (composer lyricist) (W.F. Shaw, 1886)
    • Daddy. 

      Unknown author (Republic Music Corporation, 1941)
    • Daddy. Song. 

      Mary M. Lemon (lyricist); A. H. Behrend (composer) (P.R. McCargo & Co., [n.d.])
    • Daddy. Song. 

      Mary Mark Lemon (lyricist); A. H. Behrend (composer) (Wm. A. Pond & Co., 25 Union Sq., [n.d.])
    • Daffodils A-blowing. Song. 

      Caryl Battersby (lyricist); Edward German (composer) (Boosey & Co., 9 East 17th St., 1901)
    • Dahlgren Quadrangle 

      U.S. Geological Survey (1988)
      This series of orthophoto quadrangles covers the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland, including the tidal reaches of the major bay tributaries. The source documents were produced by the U.S. Geological Survey from 1988-1989 ...
    • Dahlia Schottisch. 

      A. Talexy (composer) (chez les fils de B. Schott, [n.d.])
    • Dainty Little Ingenue. Duet. (Cuckoo and Dove). 

      Frank Pixley (lyricist); Gustave Luders (composer) (M. Witmark & Sons, 1904)
    • Dainy Princess Three Step. 

      Emily Smith (composer) (Sam Fox Pub. Co., 1911)
    • Daisies Never Tell. 

      Elizabeth M. Grady (composer lyricist) (G.W. Setchell, 218 Tremont St., 1909)
    • Daisies Won't Tell. Companion Piece to "Sweet Bunch of Daisies." Waltz Song. 

      Anita Owen (composer lyricist) (Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1908)
    • Daisy Allen, or, Beyond the Saw Mill. 

      Jennie Ellis (composer) (Jos. P. Shaw, 43 State St., 1869)