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    • My Rose of Argentine. 

      Norma Gray (composer lyricist) (The Penn Music Co., 145 West 45th St., 1915)
    • My Rose of Honolulu. 

      Tom Armstrong (composer) (Jos. W. Stern & Co., 102-104 W. 38th St., 1911)
    • My Rose of Yesterday. Operatic Edition. 

      Jack Needham (lyricist); Joe Murphy (composer) (Fletcher-Brown & Marr, Inc., Keith's Theatre Building, 1920)
    • My Rose. 

      Maximilian Pilzer (composer) (G. Ricordi & Co., 14 East 43rd Street, 1921)
    • My Sailor Lover. 

      Bessie O'Byrne (composer lyricist) (Luckhardt & Belder, 10 East 17th St., Bet. Broadway & Fifth Ave., 1901)
    • My Salvation Army Girl. 

      Jack Mason (lyricist); Al. Piantadosi (composer) (Al Piantadosi & Co., Inc., 1918)
    • My San Domingo Maid. 

      Henry M. Blossom, Jr. (lyricist); Alfred G. Robyn (composer) (M. Witmark & Sons, 1903)
    • My Second Daughter. A Ballad. 

      T. Haynes Bayley (composer); W. Clifton (composer) (Endicott, 359 Broadway, [n.d.])
    • My Sergeant and I are Buddies. 

      Unknown author ("This is the Army" Inc., Music Publishing Division, 799 Seventh Ave., 1942)
    • My Shepherd Boy's Return. 

      Fred. Geo. Richmond (composer lyricist) (J.C. Groene & Co., 30 & 42 Arcade, 1887)
    • My Shining Hour. 

      Unknown author (Edwin H. Morris & Company, Inc., Music Publishers, 1619 Broadway, 1943)
    • My Ship Comes In. 10th Edition. 

      Joaquin Miller (lyricist); Julius Gerson (composer); H. Millard (composer) (Edward Schuberth & Co., 23 Union Square, 1876)
    • My Ship Comes In. 10th Edition. 

      Joaquin Miller (lyricist); Julius Gerson (composer); H. Millard (composer) (Spear & Dehnhoff, 717 Broadway, 1876)
    • My Ship. 

      Unknown author (Chappell & Co., Inc., RKO Building, Rockefeller Center, 1941)
    • My Ships Are Coming Back To Me. Song and Chorus. 

      John Ford (composer lyricist) (F.A. North & Co., 1308 Chestnut St., 1874)
    • My Silent Love. 

      Unknown author (Famous Music Corp., 719 Seventh Avenue, 1932)
    • My Sin. Classique Edition. 

      Unknown author (De Sylva, Brown and Henderson, Inc., Music Publishers, De Sylva, Brown and Henderson Building, 745 Seventh Avenue, 1929)
    • My Sister Dear. 

      D. F. E. Auber (composer) (G.E. Blake, 13 South 5th Street, [n.d.])
    • My Sister, Oh! My Sister. 

      J. D. Reid (lyricist); L. Thayer Chadwick (composer) (Oliver Ditson, 135 Washington St., 1843)
    • My Sister. 

      P. R. Nicholls (composer) (A. Kohler, 630 Washington Street, [n.d.])