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    • Lukens, Charles 

      Unknown author (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1933)
      Chest-up | Full view | ca. 25 years of age
    • Lull Me To Sleep. That Slumber Melody. 

      Harry D. Kerr (lyricist); Ted S. Barron (composer) (Metropolis Music Co., 1914)
    • Lullaby Baby, Up On A Tree Top. 

      C. A. White (composer) (White, Smith & Co., 516 Washington St., [n.d.])
    • Lullaby for the Piano Forte. 

      D. Steibelt (composer) (Published and Engrav'd by John Aitken, [n.d.])
    • Lullaby Land. 

      Frank Davis (lyricist); M. Prival (composer) (A.J. Stasny Music Co., 1919)
    • Lullaby My Darlings. 

      W. H. Gardner (lyricist); Harry J. Ballou (composer) (Oliver Ditson Company, 453 to 463 Washington St., 1890)
    • Lullaby of Broadway. 

      Unknown author (M. Witmark & Sons, 1935)
    • Lullaby of the Leaves. 

      Unknown author (Irving Berlin, Inc., Music Publishers, 1607 Broadway, 1932)
    • Lullaby Song. 

      Thomas Curtis Clark (lyricist); Howard R. Thatcher (composer) (G. Fred. Kranz Music Co., 303 No. Charles St., 1923)
    • Lullaby Song. From "Erminie." 

      Ed Jacobowski (composer) (Presented by G.A. Schlechter, Jewelry and Music, 600 and 602 Penn Street, [n.d.])
    • Lullaby to an Empty Bandstand. 

      Unknown author (Irving Berlin, Inc., 799 Seventh Ave., 1940)
    • Lullaby, O Baby Dear. Cradle Song. 

      Dr. I. T. Wheat (lyricist); L. P. Wheat (composer) (Wm. A. Pond & Co., 547 Broadway, 1876)
    • Lullaby. 

      James W. Long (composer lyricist) (Whittemore, Swan & Stephens, 179 Jefferson Avenue, 1874)
    • Lullaby. 

      Storace (composer) (John Cole, No.123 Market Street, [n.d.])
    • Lullaby. 

      Unknown author (P.A. von Hagen & Cos. Musical Magazinen, No.62 Newbury Street, [n.d.])
    • Lullaby. 

      Claxson Bellamy (lyricist); Harry Paulton (composer); Irving Caesar (composer); E. Jakobowski (composer) (T.B. Harms, 1920)
    • Lullaby. 

      J. K. Emmet (composer); Charlie Baker (arranger) (F.W. Helmick, 136 West Fourth Street, 1876)
    • Lullaby. (Bye Bye Baby). 

      Victor Herbert (composer); Harry B. Smith (other); Robert Smith (lyricist) (T.B. Harms, 1919)
    • Lullaby. (Bye Bye Baby). 

      Victor Herbert (composer); Harry B. Smith (other); Robert Smith (lyricist) (T.B. Harms, 1919)
    • Lullaby. A Favorite Ballad in the Comic opera of The Pirates. 

      Mr. Storace (composer) (Carr & Co., at their Musical Repository, No. 136 High Street, [n.d.])