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    • Z' Searches with Heavy Fermions 

      Osherson, Marc Antoine; 0000-0002-9760-9976 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2016-09-07)
      A number of new physics models suggest that a heavy $Z^\prime$ or $W^\prime$ particle may decay through heavy fermions. In some such models, decays with intermediate new particles may have a higher branching ratio than ...
    • Zacatecas March. 

      Genero Codina (composer) (Armstrong & Bacon, Model Music Store, 735 Market St., 1895)
    • Zahn, Albert Merrill 

      Unknown author
      Chest up | Full face | c. 40 years of age
    • Zampillaerostation Waltz. 

      Alfred Hanlon (composer); C. Koppitz (arranger) (Firth, Pond & Co., 547 Broadway, 1862)
    • Zampillaerostation Waltz. 

      Alfred Hanlon (composer); C. Koppitz (arranger) (Firth, Pond & Co., 547 Broadway, 1862)
    • Zara's Ear Rings. 

      Unknown author (G.E. Blake, No. 13 South Fifth Street, [n.d.])
    • Zaragoza, Justo 

      Unknown author (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1842-1907)
      Digitized correspondence of the Daniel Coit Gilman papers, MS.0001.
    • Zdanis, Richard Albert 

      Unknown author
      Chest up | Full face | c. 55 years of age
    • Ze English Language. (Gaston). 

      Victor Herbert (composer); Henry Blossom (lyricist other) (M. Witmark & Sons, 1905)
    • Zeger, Scott L. | Anniversary, 125th Event 

      Bob Stockfield
      Scott L. Zeger speaking for the faculty of the School of Hygiene and Public Health at the univeristy's 125th anniversary dinner held at the B&O Railroad Museum
    • Zenda. Waltzes. 

      Frank M. Witmark (composer) (M. Witmark & Sons, 51 West 28th St., 1895)
    • Zephyr Come Thou Playful Minion. 

      William Sheild (composer) (Carr's Music Store, [1813])
    • Zephyr Quick Step. 

      Albert Holland (composer) (Henry McCaffrey, no. 207 Baltimore Street, 1857)
    • Zeros of Random Reinhardt Polynomials 

      Karami, Arash (2014-07-01)
      For a strictly pseudoconvex Reinhardt domain Ω with smooth boundary in C m+1 and a positive smooth measure µ on the boundary of Ω , we consider the ensemble PN of polynomials of degree N with the Gaussian probability measure ...
    • Zeta Psi Galop. 

      Louis Davis (composer) (A. Metzger & Son, 1868)
    • Zies, Emanuel George 

      Unknown author
      Shoulders up | Full face | c. 46 years of age
    • Zig Zag. Quickstep. 

      J. Benj. Smith (composer) (, 1885)
    • Zigeuner. 

      Unknown author (Chappell & Co., Ltd., 50 New Bond St., 1929)
    • Zimmerman, Dorothy 

      Unknown author
      Sitting at typewriter in office
    • Zimmerman, John David 

      Unknown author
      Portrait photograph in naval uniform | Chest up | Full face | c. 60 years of age