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    • Changes in strategy prevalence as an organizing principle of anterior cingulate cortex ensemble dynamics 

      Proskurin, Mikhail; 0000-0003-2548-9722 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2020-02-24)
      Despite the significant technological advances in systems neuroscience, the aim of grounding the proven cognitive abilities of model organisms in mechanistic insight has remained elusive. The recent ability to simultaneously ...
    • Primary afferent encoding of whisker self-motion and active touch 

      Severson, Kyle; 0000-0002-7910-6304 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2018-11-02)
      Purpose: This dissertation aims to (1) define the mechanics that underlie primary afferent encoding of active touch and self-motion during whisking and (2) characterize how much information is encoded by cutaneous ...
    • Selective visuospatial attention in freely moving mice 

      You, Wen-Kai; 0000-0003-2085-3038 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2019-06-12)
      Selective spatial attention, the ability to prioritize information from the most important spatial location to a behaving animal at any instant, is critical for guiding behavior in complex environments. The dysfunction of ...