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    • Oral history of Levi Watkins 

      Watkins, Levi (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1999-11-29)
      Levi Watkins, Jr. was born in Parsons, Kansas. He completed his undergraduate work at Tennessee State University, where he majored in biology. He went on to become the first African American to be admitted to the Vanderbilt ...
    • Oral history of Russell Baker 

      Baker, Russell (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1999-07-13)
      Russell Baker, born August 14, 1925 in Morrisonville, Virginia, a small town across the state line from Harper's Ferry, West Virginia and not far from Frederick, Maryland, is a notable American author and Hopkins alumnus. ...
    • The First Wench Done Turned White. A Colored Revelation. 

      Ed. Rogers (composer) (F.A. Mills, 45 West 29th St., 1897)