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    • Arsenic and Chronic Kidney Disease in the Strong Heart Study 

      Zheng, Laura Y. (Johns Hopkins University, 2014-10-09)
      Arsenic is a worldwide public health problem that affects tens of millions of people. Arsenic has several well-known adverse health effects, but less is known about the role of arsenic in the development of chronic kidney ...
    • Emerging Non-Hereditary Risk Factors for Stroke 

      Mateen, Farrah Jasmine (Johns Hopkins University, 2014-04-04)
      Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability globally. The vast majority of all strokes occur in low- and middle-income countries, where data are least available to guide clinical decision-making and health policy. ...
    • Poultry Consumption and Arsenic Exposure in the U.S. Population 

      Nigra, Anne E.; 0000-0002-5033-0345 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2016-04-22)
      Background: Arsenicals (roxarsone and nitarsone) used in poultry production likely increase inorganic arsenic (iAs) concentrations in poultry meat. The association between poultry intake and iAs exposure, as reflected in ...