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    • Fermionic spin excitations in two- and three-dimensional antiferromagnets 

      Zhihao, Hao; Tchernyshyov, Oleg (American Physical Society, 2009-10-30)
      Spin excitations in an ordered Heisenberg magnet are magnons-bosons with spin 1. That may change when frustration and quantum fluctuations suppress the order and restore the spin-rotation symmetry. We show that spin ...
    • A strongly fluctuating quasi-two-dimensional insulator 

      Cooper, A.S.; Espinosa, G.P.; Broholm, C.; Aeppli, G. (American Institute of Physics, 1991-04-15)
      The authors describe neutron-scattering data for SrCr8-xGa4+xO19, a layered compound containing planes of S=3/2 Cr3+ ions which form Kagome lattices. Despite strong antiferromagnetic interactions (θCW≈-500 K), fluctuations ...