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    • Characterizing the load-deformation behavior of steel deck diaphragms using past test data 

      O'Brien, P.; Eatherton, M.R.; Easterling, W.S. (2017-06)
      Recent research has identified that current code level seismic demands used for diaphragm design are considerably lower than demands in real structures during a seismic event. However, historical data has shown that steel ...
    • Steel Deck Diaphragm Test Database V1.0 

      O'Brien, P.; Eatherton, M.R.; Easterling, W.S.; Schafer, B.W.; Hajjar, J.F. (2017-07)
      From the 1950’s to the present, a substantial number of large-scale tests have been conducted on steel deck diaphragms or concrete on metal deck diaphragms. The data, papers and reports for these tests are located in ...