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    • Adjustment Procedure to Permutation Tests in Epigenomic Differential Analysis 

      Jiang, Dan (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2017-09-06)
      In the analysis of genomic data, t-statistics are widely used to detect differential signals between different groups of samples. In many studies, each group has only a small number of replicate samples, making the variance ...
    • Transcription factor binding motif analyses in two biological systems 

      Zhang, Shilu (2014-04-25)
      The mechanism of gene regulation is a crucial problem in current computational biology. Chromatin-immunoprecipitation microarray (ChIP-chip) is a technique used to study transcriptional regulation by identifying the binding ...
    • Using Protein Microarrays to Profile Human PTMs 

      Neiswinger, Johnathan Philip (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2014-03-25)
      Over the last quarter century, protein microarray technology has emerged as a prominent field in scientific study. The versatility of the platform, coupled with the ability to characterize thousands of proteins in a ...