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    • China's Rise: Military and Economic Implications for the United States 

      Zummo, David Peter (2014-05-28)
      Relations between the United States and China have become immensely complex since China’s militaristic and economic rise in the 1990s and the convolution of their relationship continues to grow as China begins to play a ...
    • Huey, Talbott - Oral History Interview 

      Huey, Talbott (2011-04-01)
      Mr. Huey was drawn to SAIS because it represented the culmination of the transformation of where he was headed. In college, he had no conception of anything dealing with international relations or politics or history. ...
    • Platt, Nicholas - Oral History Interview 

      Platt, Nicholas (2010-04-01)
      What originally brought Amb. Platt to SAIS was Paul Nitze. His son was Platt’s classmate in college. Platt went to Paul Nitze for advice on how to get into the Foreign Service and was told to go straight into the Foreign ...