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    • Exchange coupling between Cr and ferromagnetic thin films 

      Yang, F.Y.; Chien, C.-L. (American Institute of Physics, 2003-05-15)
      Exchange bias has been observed in Ni81Fe19/Cr bilayers. The exchange bias field for Cr thickness tCr larger than 62 Å increases with tCr and levels off at tCr=150 Å, whereas coercivity increases without saturation. The ...
    • Giant positive magnetoresistance of Bi nanowire arrays in high magnetic fields 

      Hong, Kimin; Yang, F.Y.; Liu, Kai; Reich, D.H.; Searson, P.C.; Chien, C.-L.; Balakirev, F. F.; Boebinger, G. S. (American Institute of Physics, 1999-04-15)
      We have studied the magnetoresistance of electrodeposited Bi wires with diameters between 200 nm and 2 μm in magnetic fields up to B=55 T. In zero field, the resistance increases with decreasing temperature, indicating ...