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    • Anisotropic three-dimensional magnetism in CaFe2As2 

      McQueeney, R.J.; Diallo, S.O.; Antropov, V.P.; Samolyuk, G.D.; Broholm, C.; Ni, N.; Nandi, S.; Yethiraj, M.; Zaretsky, J.L.; Pulikkotil, J.J.; Kreyssig, A.; Lumsden, M.D.; Harmon, B.N.; Canfield, P.C. (American Physical Society, 2008-11-28)
      Inelastic neutron scattering measurements of the magnetic excitations in CaFe2As2 indicate that the spin wave velocity in the Fe layers is exceptionally large and similar in magnitude to the cuprates. However, the spin ...
    • Itinerant magnetic excitations in antiferromagnetic CaFe2As2 

      Diallo, S.O.; Antropov, V.P.; Perring, T.G.; Broholm, C.; Pulikkotil, J.J.; Ni, N.; Bud'ko, S.L.; Canfield, P.C.; Kreyssig, A.; Goldman, A.I.; McQueeney, R.J. (American Physical Society, 2009-05-08)
      Neutron scattering measurements of the magnetic excitations in single crystals of antiferromagnetic CaFe2As2 reveal steeply dispersive and well-defined spin waves up to an energy of ~100 meV. Magnetic excitations above 100 ...