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    • Effect of spacer material on the magnetic surface anisotropy in ultrathin Fe70B30 multilayer films 

      Hicken, R.J.; Rado, G.T.; Chien, C.-L. (American Institute of Physics, 1991-04-15)
      It has been found recently that the magnetic surface anisotropy Ks in Fe70B30/Ag multilayer films decreases monotonically with magnetic layer thickness (2L) for 2L<16.5 Å. In order to determine possible effects of the ...
    • Phase diagram and spin Hamiltonian of weakly-coupled anisotropic S=½ chains in CuCl2·2((CD3)2SO) 

      Chen, Y.; Stone, M.B.; Kenzelmann, M.; Batista, C.D.; Reich, D.H.; Broholm, C.; Chen, Y.1; Stone, M.B.1; Kenzelmann, M.1; Batista, C.D.; Reich, D.H.; Broholm, C. (American Physical Society, 2007-06-01)
      Field-dependent specific heat and neutron scattering measurements were used to explore the antiferromagnetic S=½ chain compound CuCl2·2((CD3)2SO). At zero field the system acquires magnetic long-range order below TN=0.93 ...
    • Stripes in thin ferromagnetic films with out-of-plane anisotropy 

      Clarke, D.; Tretiakov, O.A.; Tchernyshyov, O. (American Physical Society, 2007-05-01)
      We examine the T=0 phase diagram of a thin ferromagnetic film with a strong out-of-plane anisotropy (e.g., Co/Pt multilayers) in the vicinity of the reorientation phase transition. The phase diagram in the anisotropy-applied-field ...