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    "Breed Good Americans": Barker's Role in the Pursuit to "Beget a Better and Nobler Race"
    (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2018-09) Uchuno, Tochi
    A poster summary of archival research that explores Lewellys F. Barker's role as a doctor, the influence of his beliefs on his practice, his role in eugenics, an exploration of who his associates were, and his overall impact on the medical field.
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    A Message of Inclusion, A History of Exclusion: Racial Injustice at the Peabody Institute
    (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2019-09) Thomas, Sarah
    Abstract copied from the "Introduction" portion of Sarah Thomas' online Omeka exhibit: "The Peabody Institute was a generous philanthropic gift from George Peabody to the city of Baltimore in the middle of the 19th century and was founded with ideals of being a center for arts education for the entire city. The Peabody Conservatory, however, remained segregated for nearly a century after its founding in 1857, despite Baltimore’s large and growing African-American population. It boasted of an international student body from countries all over the world, but would not admit African-American students who lived just miles away. This raises important questions about the effect of The Peabody Institute’s past racist policies on the music community in Baltimore, the environment at Peabody for the first generation of African-American students who enrolled, and what all of this means for Peabody going forward."