Aerial Photography – Ocean City (1952-1964)


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    Aerial Photography – Ocean City (1952-1964)
    (Maryland State Roads Commission, 1964) Aero Service Corp. & Maps, Inc.
    This collection consists of 13 sets of unrectified, black-and-white aerial photographs flown along Fenwick and Assateague Islands, Worcester County, Maryland, between October 1952 and July 1964. Each of the 505 photos in the collection is about 2'x2' in size, most with an approximate scale of 1 inch = 200 feet. The photographs cover the Maryland section of the two narrow barrier islands that lie along the State’s Atlantic coast, separated by the Ocean City Inlet: Fenwick Island to the north and Assateague Island to the south. The general area of coverage extends from the Maryland-Delaware state line in the north, about 10 miles north of the Ocean City Inlet, to the Maryland-Virginia state line in the south, about 23 miles south of the inlet. However, not all 13 sets cover the entire extent. For several sets, handwritten markings on the front of the photographs indicate miles north or south of the Ocean City Inlet (Mile 0), as well as some street numbers or names and the general area now occupied by Assateague State Park. In addition to the photos, index maps are available for 11 of the 13 sets. No index for photo sets numbered 402 and 866. Based on information found on the back of many photographs, the sets were originally acquired by the Maryland State Roads Commission (now, the Maryland State Highway Administration) and later transferred to the Maryland Geological Survey (MGS).