Woodman! Spare That Tree! A Ballad.

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Title: Woodman! Spare That Tree! A Ballad.
Author: George P. Morris (composer lyricist); Henry Russell (composer)
Description: strophicpiano and voiceDedicated to Benjamin M. Brown, Esq. [by George P. Morris, Esq.]music same as box 121 Items 101-103; cover and music same as Box 121 Items 104-106Music is duplicated in 121.101.Music is duplicated in 121.102.Music is duplicated in 121.103.Cover is duplicated in 121.104. Music is duplicated in 121.104.Cover is duplicated in 121.105. Music is duplicated in 121.105.Cover is duplicated in 121.106. Music is duplicated in 121.106.Music is duplicated in 121.111.Music is duplicated in 121.113.Music is duplicated in 121.110.Music is duplicated in 121.112.Music is duplicated in 121.108.Johns Hopkins University, Levy Sheet Music Collection, Box 121, Item 107
URI: http://jhir.library.jhu.edu/handle/1774.2/12469
Date: 1837
Subject: Dwellings
Bodies of water

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