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    • Interview with Franklin Knight, July 21, 1999 

      Knight, Franklin (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1999-07-21)
      Franklin Knight, born in Jamaica in 1942, is a professor of Atlantic History in the Department of History at Johns Hopkins, having started teaching in 1973. He was the first African-American professor to be tenured at the ...
    • Interview with John Barth, October 29, 1999 

      Barth, John (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2015-10-30)
      John Barth, American author, was born in Cambridge, Maryland, May 27, 1930. Barth studied at the Johns Hopkins University and received his B.A. in 1951, his M.A. in 1952. Barth was an associate professor of English, Penn ...
    • Interview with Shale Stiller, March 25, 2015 

      Stiller, Shale (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2015-03-25)
      After receiving a B.A. from Hamilton College and an LL.B. from Yale University, Shale Stiller received an M.L.A. from Johns Hopkins University in 1977. Stiller spent his entire legal career in Maryland, first as a Maryland ...