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    • Burmah Moon. 

      Lieut. Gitz Rice (composer lyricist) (Henry Burr Music Corporation, 1604 Broadway, 1919)
    • Chinatown, My Chinatown. 

      Jean Schwartz (composer) (Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1910)
    • One Little Soldier Man. 

      Edward Madden (lyricist); Neil Moret (composer) (Shapiro, Remick and Company, 1904)
    • Peggy Brady. 

      Allen Lowe (lyricist other); Geo. E. Stoddard (composer); Paul Schindleer (composer); Ben M. Jerome (composer) (Jos. W. Stern & Co., 34 East 21st St., 1903)
    • The Peking Theme (So Little Time). 

      Unknown author (Samuel Bronston Music Publishing, Inc., 1963)