Features for audio and music classification

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Title: Features for audio and music classification
Author: Martin McKinney; Jeroen Breebaart
Abstract: Four audio feature sets are evaluated in their ability to classify five general audio classes and seven popular music genres. The feature sets include low-level signal properties, mel-frequency spectral coefficients, and two new sets based on perceptual models of hearing. The temporal behavior of the features is analyzed and parameterized and these parameters are included as additional features. Using a standard Gaussian framework for classification, results show that the temporal behavior of features is important for both music and audio classification. In addition, classification is better, on average, if based on features from models of auditory perception rather than on standard features.
URI: http://jhir.library.jhu.edu/handle/1774.2/22
Date: 2003-10-26
Subject: IR Systems and Algorithms

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