[BALTIMORE CITY] City Atlas of Baltimore, Maryland, and Environs, Volume II

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Title: [BALTIMORE CITY] City Atlas of Baltimore, Maryland, and Environs, Volume II
Author: Hopkins, G.M.
URI: http://jhir.library.jhu.edu/handle/1774.2/32720
Date: 1876
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Subject: Historical
Baltimore City

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Business Notices.jpg 1.550Mb image/jpeg Download
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Business Notices Continued.jpg 1.730Mb image/jpeg Download
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Outline & Index Map of Baltimore Environs.jpg 2.771Mb image/jpeg Download
Outline & Index Map of Baltimore Environs.TIF 30.98Mb image/tiff Download
p.10-11 Plate A.jpg 2.169Mb image/jpeg Download
p.10-11 Plate A.TIF 25.27Mb image/tiff Download
p.12 Plan of Catonsville.jpg 2.420Mb image/jpeg Download
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p.14-15 Plate B.jpg 2.425Mb image/jpeg Download
p.14-15 Plate B.TIF 25.51Mb image/tiff Download
p.18-19 Plate C.jpg 2.025Mb image/jpeg Download
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p.21 Plate D.jpg 2.300Mb image/jpeg Download
p.21 Plate D.TIF 30.08Mb image/tiff Download
p.22-23 Plate E.jpg 1.856Mb image/jpeg Download
p.22-23 Plate E.TIF 25.11Mb image/tiff Download
p.24 Plate F.jpg 2.030Mb image/jpeg Download
p.24 Plate F.TIF 30.64Mb image/tiff Download
p.26-27 Plate G.jpg 1.846Mb image/jpeg Download
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p.30-31 Plate H.jpg 1.756Mb image/jpeg Download
p.30-31 Plate H.TIF 25.28Mb image/tiff Download
p.34-35 Plate I.jpg 2.321Mb image/jpeg Download
p.34-35 Plate I.TIF 25.51Mb image/tiff Download
p.37 Plate J.jpg 2.418Mb image/jpeg Download
p.37 Plate J.TIF 29.94Mb image/tiff Download
p.38-39 Plate K.jpg 2.216Mb image/jpeg Download
p.38-39 Plate K.TIF 24.83Mb image/tiff Download
p.40 Plate L.jpg 1.115Mb image/jpeg Download
p.40 Plate L.TIF 13.27Mb image/tiff Download
p.42-43 Plate M.TIF 24.97Mb image/tiff Download
p.42-43 Plate M.TIF 24.97Mb image/tiff Download
p.46-47 Plate N.jpg 2.082Mb image/jpeg Download
p.46-47 Plate N.TIF 25.42Mb image/tiff Download
p.50-51 Plate O.jpg 938.1Kb image/jpeg Download
p.50-51 Plate O.TIF 24.73Mb image/tiff Download
p.54-55 Plate P.jpg 1.320Mb image/jpeg Download
p.54-55 Plate P.TIF 24.97Mb image/tiff Download
p.58-59 Plate Q.jpg 1.333Mb image/jpeg Download
p.58-59 Plate Q.TIF 25.43Mb image/tiff Download
p.62-63 Plate R.jpg 1.094Mb image/jpeg Download
p.62-63 Plate R.TIF 24.92Mb image/tiff Download
p.65 Plan of Towsontown.jpg 1.349Mb image/jpeg Download
p.65 Plan of Towsontown.TIF 30.92Mb image/tiff Download
p.66-67 Plate S.jpg 1.027Mb image/jpeg Download
p.66-67 Plate S.TIF 24.46Mb image/tiff Download
p.68 Mt. Washington and Pikesville P.O..jpg 1.245Mb image/jpeg Download
p.68 Mt. Washington and Pikesville P.O..TIF 30.49Mb image/tiff Download
p.69 Plate T.jpg 1.046Mb image/jpeg Download
p.69 Plate T.TIF 30.11Mb image/tiff Download
p.70-71 Plate U.jpg 1.053Mb image/jpeg Download
p.70-71 Plate U.TIF 24.85Mb image/tiff Download
p.72 Plate V.jpg 1.237Mb image/jpeg Download
p.72 Plate V.TIF 31.65Mb image/tiff Download
p.73 Plate W.jpg 1.271Mb image/jpeg Download
p.73 Plate W.TIF 30.53Mb image/tiff Download
p.74-75 Plate X.jpg 1.035Mb image/jpeg Download
p.74-75 Plate X.TIF 25.17Mb image/tiff Download
p.76 Plate Y.jpg 1.195Mb image/jpeg Download
p.76 Plate Y.TIF 30.20Mb image/tiff Download
p.77 Plate Z.jpg 1.212Mb image/jpeg Download
p.77 Plate Z.TIF 30.44Mb image/tiff Download
p.78-79 Plate AA.jpg 1.179Mb image/jpeg Download
p.78-79 Plate AA.TIF 24.66Mb image/tiff Download
p.80 Plate BB.jpg 1.132Mb image/jpeg Download
p.80 Plate BB.TIF 30.57Mb image/tiff Download
p.81 Plate CC.jpg 1.166Mb image/jpeg Download
p.81 Plate CC.TIF 30.03Mb image/tiff Download
p.82-83 Plate DD.jpg 1.012Mb image/jpeg Download
p.82-83 Plate DD.TIF 25.07Mb image/tiff Download
p.84 Plate EE.jpg 954.0Kb image/jpeg Download
p.84 Plate EE.TIF 30.93Mb image/tiff Download
p.86-87 Map of Baltimore and Environs.jpg 1.970Mb image/jpeg Download
p.86-87 Map of Baltimore and Environs.TIF 24.81Mb image/tiff Download
p.90-91 Map of the City of Baltimore, 1877.jpg 1.975Mb image/jpeg Download
p.90-91 Map of the City of Baltimore, 1877.TIF 24.95Mb image/tiff Download

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