[BALTIMORE CITY] Atlas of the City of Baltimore, MD - 1897 [BOUND VOLUME]

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Title: [BALTIMORE CITY] Atlas of the City of Baltimore, MD - 1897 [BOUND VOLUME]
Author: Topographical Survey
Abstract: During the years 1893-1896 the Baltimore City Topographical Survey published 39 separate topographic maps covering all area within the boundaries of Baltimore City. Each map sheet covers one quadrant of a pre-defined grid system. The scale of each map sheet is 1:2,400 (1 inch = 200 feet) and the contour interval is five feet. The name(s) of the responsible cartographer(s) appear on each sheet along with the month and year that their work was completed. Cartographers include Thos. M. Ward, Malcolm A. Cudlipp, W.A. Wansleben, Frank K. Duncan, R.A. MacGregor and Wm. Bauman Jr. In 1897 all 39 of the individually map sheets published from 1893 –1896 were bound together to form a single volume titled “Atlas of the City of Baltimore, MD”. The date of the bound volume is July, 1897. The bound volume includes a title page and a graphical index page titled “Index Chart showing the area covered by the atlas”. A page number was also added to each individual map sheet corresponding to its location in the bound volume. The images posted here are from our copy of the 1897 atlas. In 1982 our copy of the atlas was taken apart, deacidified, encapsulated and beautifully rebound into its original atlas format. At that time we hired a professional photographer to produce oversize, color, photographic transparencies of each map sheet. The images that appear here were produced by scanning the photographic transparencies. The scanned transparencies do not provide the same image quality as found with our other scanned maps in jScholarship.
URI: http://jhir.library.jhu.edu/handle/1774.2/32745
Date: 1897
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Subject: Baltimore City
Historical Atlas

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