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    • Assessing the Future: E-Portfolio Trends, Uses, and Options in Higher Education 

      Reese, Michael; Levy, Ronald (Educuase Center for Applied Research (ECAR), 2009-02-24)
      This ECAR research bulletin overviews the use of e-portfolios in higher education. The analysis of the potential benefits in post-secondary settings also includes considerations of the obstacles to institutional adoption ...
    • Virtual Lab Demonstrations Improve Students’ Mastery of Basic Biology Laboratory Techniques 

      Pearlman, Rebecca; Shingles, Richard; Obom, Kristina; Horner, Robert; Cummings, Patrick; Hartmann, Erica; Maldarelli, Grace (Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education, 2009-05-01)
      Biology laboratory classes are designed to teach concepts and techniques through experiential learning. Students who have never performed a technique must be guided through the process, which is often difficult to standardize ...