Recent Submissions

  • Gold Koran color transparencies 

    Unknown author
    The pages of what is known as the "Gold Koran", which were photographed to create this collection of at least 430 color transparencies, were originally part of a unique manuscript of the Qur'an. Created from photographing ...
  • The Hopkins 1676 Hamlet Prompt Book 

    Havens, Earle (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2009-08-27)
    This volume constitutes one of only three known 17th-century annotated “prompt books” of Shakespeare’s longest play, Hamlet, that have survived to the present day. The earliest, the so-called “Smock Alley Hamlet,” named ...
  • Hamlet 

    Shakespeare, William (Printed by Andr. Clark, for J. Martyn, and H. HerringmanJohns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1676)