Distributed Image-Based 3-D Localization of Camera Sensor Networks

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Title: Distributed Image-Based 3-D Localization of Camera Sensor Networks
Author: Tron, Roberto; Vidal, René
Abstract: We consider the problem of distributed estimation of the poses of N cameras in a camera sensor network using image measurements only. The relative rotation and translation (up to a scale factor) between pairs of neighboring cameras can be estimated using standard computer vision techniques. However, due to noise in the image measurements, these estimates may not be globally consistent. We address this problem by minimizing a cost function on S E (3)N in a distributed fashion using a generalization of the classical consensus algorithm for averaging Euclidean data. We also derive a condition for convergence, which relates the step-size of the consensus algorithm and the degree of the camera network graph. While our methods are designed with the camera sensor network application in mind, our results are applicable to other localization problems in a more general setting. We also provide synthetic simulations to test the validity of our approach.
URI: http://jhir.library.jhu.edu/handle/1774.2/33513
Date: 2009
Subject: Sensor networks
Camera calibration

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