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    • An Alternative Infant Incubator 

      Kawaji, Qingwen (2010-05-19)
    • Combined thermometer/otoscope device providing dual functionality with no external power source for developing world hospitals 

      Dorfman, Danielle (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2010-05-17)
      Although the thermometer and the otoscope have been integral to medicine for decades, conditions in the developing world have prevented their effectiveness and limited their availability. However, these instruments are ...
    • Cost-effective therapeutic hypothermia treatment device for hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy 

      Kim, John J.; Buchbinder, Nathan; Ammanuel, Simon; Kim, Robert; Moore, Erika; O'Donnell, Neil; Lee, Jennifer K.; Kulikowicz, Ewa; Acharya, Soumyadipta; Allen, Robert H.; Lee, Ryan W.; Johnston, Michael V. (Dovepress, 2013-01)
      Despite recent advances in neonatal care and monitoring, asphyxia globally accounts for 23% of the 4 million annual deaths of newborns, and leads to hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). Occurring in five of 1000 live-born ...
    • Delivery Vehicle for Rapid Low-Cost Medical Infectious Disease Diagnostic Tests: Portable Paper Diagnostic Dispenser for Developing Countries 

      Shi, Marlene (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2010-05-17)
      Infectious diseases still plague much of the developing world. Rapid and accurate diagnosis of diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV is critical for improved control and management allowing for targeted and ...
    • Easy and Inexpensive Needle Remover 

      O'Grady, Mary (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2010-05-17)
      There is evidence for the need of a more economic needle remover to reduce the volume of sharps waste in third world countries and lead to safer practices with sharps disposal. I have developed a low cost device that can ...
    • Gated Incentive Spirometer 

      Adeofe, Tolulade (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2010-05-17)
      A spirometer is a medical apparatus used to measure the volume of air inspired and expired by the lungs. The spirometer has the ability to do several things such as record the amount of air that is breathed in and out over ...
    • GPS Integrated Smart Cane for the Blind 

      Li, Yuan-Ping; Liu, Albert (2009-12-14)
    • Hypertension Detector for Developing Countries 

      Thakor, Nitish; Sanghvi, Harshad; Acharya, Soumyadipta; Jayaram, Gowri; Lee, Shin Rong; Trachtenberg, Matthew (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2010-05-17)
      For low-income countries, hypertension is the leading cause of death. Preeclampsia, a disorder often characterized by high blood pressure, is the second leading killer of pregnant women globally. Preeclampsia can be ...
    • Indoor Smart Cane for the Blind 

      Keene, Elizabeth; Cho, Daniel Won Ho (2009-12-01)
      To successfully navigate in an indoor environment, a blind person must be able to detect low and mid-height obstacles, as well as stairs. The most common tool that blind people currently use to navigate is the standard ...
    • Infant Incubator Project: A low-cost, low-energy consumption solution for infant incubators in developing countries 

      Donato, Kristin (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2010-05-17)
    • Need for Hand-Crank Powered Otoscope in Rural Areas 

      Gupta, Anshuman (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2010-05-17)
      The need for affordable medical devices is paramount for improved health care in rural areas around the globe. Specifically for child and maternal health, adequate access to health care professionals and equipment is ...
    • Outdoor Smart Cane with Beacon 

      Gutbrod, Sarah; Connolly, Allison (2009-12-04)
      The purpose of our project is to design an electronic device to aid the visually impaired as they travel to a known exterior destination while avoiding moving and stationary obstacles. The device must be an improvement to ...
    • Portable Freezer Transport System 

      Keene, Elizabeth (2009-12-14)
    • Pressure Signature Biosecurity System 

      Senarathna, Janaka; Wu, Dan (2009-11-22)
    • RainCane 

      Joseph, Heng; Wang, Steve (2009-12-13)
    • A Rapid and Affordable Eye Diagnostic Camera 

      Thakor, Nitish; Shah, Shivam (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2010-05-17)
      Corneal disease is the second leading cause of blindness in the developing world. Over 314 million people are visually impaired and nearly 90% live in the developing world. Better diagnosis of corneal disease would decrease ...
    • RFID Smart Cane with Voice Feedback 

      Nasr, Mustafa; Long, Christina (2009-12-14)
    • Temperature Sensor for Safe Vaccine Storage 

      Seo, Hyun-Sun (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2010-05-17)
    • UltraSound Array 

      Yuh, Roger; Kurtz, Gregory (2009-12-13)
    • Voice Recognition 

      Stark, Alejandro; Trachtenberg, Matthew (2009-12-11)
      The main goal of our project was to create a device that could recognize one’s voice as a unique biometric signal and compare it against a database to choose the person’s identity or deny an unregistered person while being ...