Recent Submissions

  • RFID Smart Cane with Voice Feedback 

    Nasr, Mustafa; Long, Christina (2009-12-14)
  • Indoor Smart Cane for the Blind 

    Keene, Elizabeth; Cho, Daniel Won Ho (2009-12-01)
    To successfully navigate in an indoor environment, a blind person must be able to detect low and mid-height obstacles, as well as stairs. The most common tool that blind people currently use to navigate is the standard ...
  • Portable Freezer Transport System 

    Keene, Elizabeth (2009-12-14)
  • GPS Integrated Smart Cane for the Blind 

    Li, Yuan-Ping; Liu, Albert (2009-12-14)
  • UltraSound Array 

    Yuh, Roger; Kurtz, Gregory (2009-12-13)
  • RainCane 

    Joseph, Heng; Wang, Steve (2009-12-13)
  • Pressure Signature Biosecurity System 

    Senarathna, Janaka; Wu, Dan (2009-11-22)
  • Outdoor Smart Cane with Beacon 

    Gutbrod, Sarah; Connolly, Allison (2009-12-04)
    The purpose of our project is to design an electronic device to aid the visually impaired as they travel to a known exterior destination while avoiding moving and stationary obstacles. The device must be an improvement to ...
  • Voice Recognition 

    Stark, Alejandro; Trachtenberg, Matthew (2009-12-11)
    The main goal of our project was to create a device that could recognize one’s voice as a unique biometric signal and compare it against a database to choose the person’s identity or deny an unregistered person while being ...