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    • Topological defects in flat nanomagnets: the magnetostatic limit 

      Chern, G.-W.; Youk, H.; Tchernyshyov, O. (American Institute of Physics, 2006-04-15)
      We discuss elementary topological defects in soft magnetic nanoparticles in the thin-film geometry. In the limit dominated by magnetostatic forces the low-energy defects are vortices (winding number n=+1), cross ties (n=-1), ...
    • Wrinkling of a bilayer membrane 

      Concha, A.; McIver, J.W.; Mellado, P.; Clarke, D.; Tchernyshyov, O.; Leheny, R.L. (American Physical Society, 2007-01)
      The buckling of elastic bodies is a common phenomenon in the mechanics of solids. Wrinkling of membranes can often be interpreted as buckling under constraints that prohibit large-amplitude deformation. We present a ...