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    • Coupled Magnetic and Ferroelectric Domains in Multiferroic Ni3V2O8 

      Chen, W.C.; Kenzelmann, M.; Gentile, T.R.; Chen, Y.; Cabrera, I.; Rogado, N.; Lawes, G.; Broholm, C.; Lynn, J.W.; Erwin, R.; Cava, R.J.; Leao, J.B. (American Physical Society, 2009-08-21)
      Electric control of multi-ferroic domains is demonstrated through polarized magnetic neutron diffraction. Cooling to the cycloidal multi-ferroic phase of Ni3V2O8 in an electric field E causes the incommensurate Bragg ...
    • Magnetic inversion symmetry breaking and ferroelectricity in TbMnO3 

      Kenzelmann, M.; Harris, A.B.; Jonas, S.; Broholm, C.; Schefer, J.; Kim, S.B.; Zhang, C.L.; Cheong, S.-W.; Vajk, O.P.; Lynn, J.W. (American Physical Society, 2005-08-19)
      TbMnO3 is an orthorhombic insulator where incommensurate spin order for temperature TN<41 K is accompanied by ferroelectric order for T<28 K. To understand this, we establish the magnetic structure above and below the ...