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    • Bound spinons in an antiferromagnetic S=1/2 chain with a staggered field 

      Kenzelmann, M.; Chen, Y.; Broholm, C.; Reich, D.H.; Qiu, Y. (American Physical Society, 2004-07-02)
      Inelastic neutron scattering was used to measure the magnetic field dependence of spin excitations in the antiferromagnetic S=1/2 chain CuCl2·2(dimethylsulfoxide) in the presence of uniform and staggered fields. Dispersive ...
    • Spin gap and resonance at the nesting wave vector in superconducting FeSe0.4Te0.6 

      Qiu, Yiming; Bao, Wei; Zhao, Y.; Broholm, Collin; Stanev, V.; Tesanovic, Z.; Gasparovic, Y. C.; Chang, S.; Hu, Jin; Qian, Bin; Fang, Minghu; Mao, Zhiqiang (American Physical Society, 2009-08-07)
      Neutron scattering is used to probe magnetic excitations in FeSe0.4Te0.6 (Tc = 14 K). Low energy spin fluctuations are found with a characteristic wave vector (1212L) that corresponds to Fermi surface nesting and differs ...