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    • Magnetic dynamics of La2CuO4 studied by Mossbauer spectroscopy 

      Tang, H.; Gang, Xiao; Singh, Avinash; Tesanovic, Zlatko; Chien, C.-L.; Walker, J. C. (American Institute of Physics, 1990-05-01)
      By doping a very small amount of 57Fe into La2CuO4, Mossbauer spectroscopy has been applied to study the magnetic property of the parent compound. From the measurement of the magnetic hyperfine field at the Fe nuclei for ...
    • Spin-trimer antiferromagnetism in La4Cu3MoO12 

      Qiu, Y.; Broholm, C.; Ishiwata, S.; Azuma, M.; Takano, M.; Bewley, R.; Buyers, W.J.L. (American Physical Society, 2005-06-01)
      La4Cu3MoO12 is a cluster antiferromagnet where copper spin-1/2 trimers form a network of strongly coupled spin trimers. The magnetic properties of this material have been examined using magnetic neutron scattering. At low ...