A strongly fluctuating quasi-two-dimensional insulator

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Title: A strongly fluctuating quasi-two-dimensional insulator
Author: Cooper, A.S.; Espinosa, G.P.; Broholm, C.; Aeppli, G.
Abstract: The authors describe neutron-scattering data for SrCr8-xGa4+xO19, a layered compound containing planes of S=3/2 Cr3+ ions which form Kagome lattices. Despite strong antiferromagnetic interactions (θCW≈-500 K), fluctuations account for more than 75% of the free ion moment at 1.5 K. The spectrum (averaged over reciprocal space) is gapless and resembles that of a 2D long-range-ordered antiferromagnet, as does the low-temperature specific heat of the compound. Even so, the static correlation length does not exceed 7±2 Å. Monte-Carlo simulations of the antiferromagnetic three-state Potts model on the Kagome lattice show that this model does not have a finite temperature phase-transition. Even at T=0, there does not seem to be true long-range antiferromagnetic-order. However, the magnetic correlations decay algebraically rather than exponentially. The implications of this result for the ground-state of SrCr8-xGa4+xO19 is discussed.
URI: http://jhir.library.jhu.edu/handle/1774.2/33725
Date: 1991-04-15
Citation: Journal of Applied Physics 15 April 1991, vol.69, no.8, pt.2A, pp. 4968-73
Subject: magnetic moments
neutron diffraction examination
chromium compounds
long-range order
strongly fluctuating quasi-two-dimensional insulator
Cr3+ ion planes
gapless spectrum
static correlation length
Kagome lattices
antiferromagnetic properties
antiferromagnetic three-state Potts model
strontium compounds
Monte-Carlo simulations
2D long-range-ordered antiferromagnet
low-temperature specific heat

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