Topological defects in flat nanomagnets: the magnetostatic limit

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Title: Topological defects in flat nanomagnets: the magnetostatic limit
Author: Chern, G.-W.; Youk, H.; Tchernyshyov, O.
Abstract: We discuss elementary topological defects in soft magnetic nanoparticles in the thin-film geometry. In the limit dominated by magnetostatic forces the low-energy defects are vortices (winding number n=+1), cross ties (n=-1), and edge defects with n=-1/2. We obtain topological constraints on the possible composition of domain walls. The simplest domain wall in this regime is composed of two -1/2 edge defects and a vortex, in accordance with observations and numerics.
Date: 2006-04-15
Citation: Journal of Applied Physics 15 April 2006, vol.99, no.8, pp. 8Q505-1-3
Subject: noncrystalline defects
magnetostatic waves
magnetic domain walls
soft magnetic materials
topological defects
flat nanomagnets
magnetostatic limit
soft magnetic nanoparticles
magnetostatic forces
cross ties
edge defects
domain walls

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