[BALTIMORE CITY] Atlas of the City of Baltimore, Maryland 1914

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Title: [BALTIMORE CITY] Atlas of the City of Baltimore, Maryland 1914
Author: Topographical Survey Commission
URI: http://jhir.library.jhu.edu/handle/1774.2/33744
Date: 1914
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Subject: Baltimore City

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Sheet_18_1N-2&3E.jpg 14.27Mb image/jpeg Download
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Sheet_24_1S-2&3E.jpg 17.93Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_24_1S-2&3E.tif 373.3Mb image/tiff Download
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Sheet_28_2S-1W.jpg 11.99Mb image/jpeg Download
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Sheet_29_2S-1E.jpg 11.04Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_29_2S-1E.tif 327.4Mb image/tiff Download
Sheet_3_3N-2W.jpg 8.336Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_3_3N-2W.tif 328.8Mb image/tiff Download
Sheet_30_2S-2E.jpg 10.41Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_30_2S-2E.tif 328.8Mb image/tiff Download
Sheet_31_2S-3E&3S-3E.jpg 7.911Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_31_2S-3E&3S-3E.tif 340.0Mb image/tiff Download
Sheet_32_3S-1&2W.jpg 6.937Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_32_3S-1&2W.tif 362.4Mb image/tiff Download
Sheet_33_3S-1E.jpg 7.398Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_33_3S-1E.tif 331.3Mb image/tiff Download
Sheet_34_3S-2E.jpg 8.080Mb image/jpeg Download
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Sheet_4_3N-1W.jpg 9.204Mb image/jpeg Download
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Sheet_5_3N-1E.jpg 7.426Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_5_3N-1E.tif 326.2Mb image/tiff Download
Sheet_6_3N-2&3E.jpg 8.672Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_6_3N-2&3E.tif 396.7Mb image/tiff Download
Sheet_7_2N-4W.jpg 9.130Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_7_2N-4W.tif 331.9Mb image/tiff Download
Sheet_8_2N-5W.jpg 6.923Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_8_2N-5W.tif 330.1Mb image/tiff Download
Sheet_9_2N-2W.jpg 10.46Mb image/jpeg Download
Sheet_9_2N-2W.tif 334.9Mb image/tiff Download

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