Bound spinons in an antiferromagnetic S=1/2 chain with a staggered field

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Title: Bound spinons in an antiferromagnetic S=1/2 chain with a staggered field
Author: Kenzelmann, M.; Chen, Y.; Broholm, C.; Reich, D.H.; Qiu, Y.
Abstract: Inelastic neutron scattering was used to measure the magnetic field dependence of spin excitations in the antiferromagnetic S=1/2 chain CuCl2·2(dimethylsulfoxide) in the presence of uniform and staggered fields. Dispersive bound states emerge from a zero-field two-spinon continuum with different finite energy minima at wave numbers q=π and qi≈π(1-2<Sz>). The ratios of the field dependent excitation energies are in excellent agreement with predictions for breather and soliton solutions to the quantum sine-Gordon model, the proposed low-energy theory for S=1/2 chains in a staggered field. The data are also consistent with the predicted soliton and n=1,2 breather polarizations and scattering cross sections.
Date: 2004-07-02
Citation: Physical Review Letters 2 July 2004, vol.93, no.1, pp. 017204/1-4
Subject: staggered field
bound spinons
antiferromagnetic S = 1/2 chain
spin dynamics
sine-Gordon equation
neutron diffraction
spin excitations
zero-field two-spinon continuum
neutron diffraction
molecular magnetism
copper compounds
bound states
antiferromagnetic materials
finite energy minima
breather solutions
soliton solutions
quantum sine-Gordon model

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