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    • Conversion of aquaporin 6 from an anion channel to a water-selective channel by a single amino acid substitution 

      Yasui, Masato; Hazama, Akihiro; Agre, Peter; Kato, Yasuhiro; Kozono, David; Liu, Kun (National Academy of Sciences, 2005-02-08)
      Aquaporin (AQP) 6 belongs to the aquaporin water channel family. Unlike other aquaporins, AQP6 functions not as a water channel but as an anion-selective channel. Single-channel analyses have shown AQP6 to flicker rapidly ...
    • Fast and Selective ammonia transport by aquaporin-8 

      Liu, Kun; Saparov, Sapar M.; Pohl, Peter; Agre, Peter (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2007-02-23)
      The transport of ammonia/ammonium is fundamental to nitrogen metabolism in all forms of life. So far, no clear picture has emerged as to whether a protein channel is capable of transporting exclusively neutral NH(3) while ...