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    • An alpha-syntrophin-dependent pool of AQP4 in astroglial end-feet confers bidirectional water flow between blood and brain 

      Traystman, Richard J.; Haug, Finn-Mogens; Agre, Peter; Amiry-Moghaddam, Mahmood; Froehner, Stanley C.; Adams, Marvin E.; Hurn, Patricia D.; Ottersen, Ole Petter; Otsuka, Takashi; Neely, John D.; Bhardwaj, Anish (National Academy of Sciences, 2003-02-18)
      The water channel AQP4 is concentrated in perivascular and subpial membrane domains of brain astrocytes. These membranes form the interface between the neuropil and extracerebral liquid spaces. AQP4 is anchored at these ...
    • Temporary loss of perivascular aquaporin-4 in neocortex after transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in mice 

      Amiry-Moghaddam, Mahmood; Ottersen, Ole P.; Agre, Peter; Rash, John E.; Haug, Finn-Mogens; Laake, Petter; Skare, Oivind; Zeynalov, Emil; Davidson, Kimberly G. V.; Yasumura, Thomas; Mylonakou, Maria N.; Otsuka, Takashi; Bhardwaj, Anish; Frydenlund, Didrik S. (National Academy of Sciences, 2006-09-05)
      The aquaporin-4 (AQP4) pool in the perivascular astrocyte membranes has been shown to be critically involved in the formation and dissolution of brain edema. Cerebral edema is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in ...