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    • Aquaporin 9 is the major pathway for glycerol uptake by mouse erythrocytes, with implications for malarial virulence 

      Carbrey, Jennifer M.; Agre, Peter; King, Landon S.; Nielsen, Søren; Frøkiær, Jørgen; Kumar, Nirbhay; Rojek, Aleksandra; Promeneur, Dominique; Liu, Yangjian (National Academy of Sciences, 2007-07-24)
      Human and rodent erythrocytes are known to be highly permeable to glycerol. Aquaglyceroporin aquaporin (AQP)3 is the major glycerol channel in human and rat erythrocytes. However, AQP3 expression has not been observed in ...
    • Reduced arsenic clearance and increased toxicity in aquaglyceroporin-9-null mice 

      Mukhopadhyay, Rita; Agre, Peter; Rosen, Barry P.; Nielsen, Søren; DiCarlo, Stephen E.; Lujan, Heidi L.; Liu, Yangjian; Wang, Yiding; Rojek, Aleksandra; Yoshinaga, Masafumi; Zhou, Yao; Song, Linhua; Carbrey, Jennifer M. (National Academy of Sciences, 2009-09-15)
      Expressed in liver, aquaglyceroporin-9 (AQP9) is permeated by glycerol, arsenite, and other small, neutral solutes. To evaluate a possible protective role, AQP9-null mice were evaluated for in vivo arsenic toxicity. After ...