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    • NSF DataNet: Curating Scientific Data 

      Choudhury, Sayeed; Kunze, John (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-05-18)
      The National Science Foundation (NSF) DataNet program aims to create "a set of exemplar national and global data research infrastructure organizations (dubbed DataNet Partners) that provide unique opportunities to communities ...
    • Online Scientific Data Curation, Publication, and Archiving 

      vandenBerg, Jan; Stoughton, Christopher; Thakar, Ani R; Szalay, Alexander S; Gray, Jim (Microsoft Corporation, 2002-07)
      Science projects are data publishers. The scale and complexity of current and future science data changes the nature of the publication process. Publication is becoming a major project component. At a minimum, a ...
    • Open Access from Digital Library Viewpoint 

      Choudhury, Sayeed (2009-12-04)
      Johns Hopkins University has recently received two awards through the US National Science Foundation (NSF) that relate to open access issues. The first award is through the NSF DataNet program that focuses on the development ...
    • Sustainable Data Curation Infrastructure 

      Choudhury, Sayeed (2009-03-24)