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  • Kurzman, Harold--Oral History Interview 

    Kurzman, Harold (2012-06-08)
    Kurzman was a graduate of Haverford College in political science and economics and there, he was learned that after graduated, he would be particularly interested in focusing on international relations. At that time, he ...
  • Miller, Hope Simon - Oral History Interview 

    Miller, Hope Simon (2010-04-01)
    What originally brought Hope Simon Miller to SAIS was seeing an ad in the New York Times that said that this new school was being formed with money from big business as well as government funds and as it sounded like a ...
  • Huey, Talbott - Oral History Interview 

    Huey, Talbott (2011-04-01)
    Mr. Huey was drawn to SAIS because it represented the culmination of the transformation of where he was headed. In college, he had no conception of anything dealing with international relations or politics or history. ...
  • Feldman, Gerald - Oral History Interview 

    Feldman, Gerald (2010-12-01)
    Mr. Feldman was an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, so SAIS was prominently featured and he became aware of it sooner than other people would have otherwise. When he started as an undergraduate, he thought he ...
  • Martin, Douglas - Oral History Interview 

    Martin, Douglas (2011-04-01)
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  • Hersch, Jay - Oral History Interview 

    Hersch, Jay (2010-11-01)
    Jay Hersch ’68 was at the University of Wisconsin from 1960 to 1964. After graduating from Wisconsin, he applied to Law School at North Western and graduated school in Agronomy at the University of Wisconsin, though he ...
  • Chamberlain, Robert - Oral History Interview 

    Chamberlain, Robert (2011-04-01)
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  • Black, Dorothy - Oral History Interview 

    Black, Dorothy (2011-01-01)
    Dorothy went to Stanford for her undergraduate degree and was an International Relations major there (International Relations was in the Political Science Department at that time). When she came to college, she had an ...
  • Westfall, Ralph - Oral History Interview 

    Westfall, Ralph (2011-06-01)
    Mr. Westfall originally came to SAIS because he was heading towards the government and because SAIS offered him a very nice scholarship. He had already wanted to go to CIA before starting at SAIS and he thought SAIS was ...
  • Fishmanm, David - Oral History Interview 

    Fishman, David (2010-12-01)
    What originally brought Mr. Fishman to SAIS was his interest in international relations and the ability to take the BA/MA program at Homewood and SAIS. He started at Homewood in ’65 and received a very good education, in ...
  • Barr, Albert - Oral History Interview 

    Barr, Albert (2011-04-01)
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  • Mills, Scott - Oral History Interview 

    Mills, Scott (2011-02-01)
    After three years in the Navy, Mr. Mills came back to Grinnell College in Iowa for his senior year of college. When he was in the last weeks before graduation, he looked in the administrative office and saw a poster for ...
  • Gillum, Gary - Oral History Interview 

    Gillum, Gary (2010-12-01)
    Around the time he attended SAIS, Gary was looking for a career and mostly to do work in the South America (specifically Colombia), in the field of economics. Prior to SAIS, he was at MIT at a time when the Peace ...
  • Ward, Barclay - Oral History Interview 

    Ward, Barclay (2011-04-01)
    Barclay Ward was always interested in international affairs. When he went to college, he thought he would be a geologist at Hamilton College, but after two years, got more involved in government and international affairs. ...
  • Leonard, Graham - Oral History Interview 

    Leonard, Graham (2011-02-01)
    Before coming to SAIS, Dr. Leonard was a self-proclaimed east Tennessee hillbilly from Kingsport, Tennessee going to the University of Tennessee. During that time, he says the most important person was Ghandi and he wanted ...
  • Guenther, Ken - Oral History Interview 

    Guenther, Ken (2011-06-01)
    Kenneth Guenther ‘59 attended the University of Rochester and was a key student in their new Non-Western civilizations program focusing on South and Southeast Asia. Upon graduating, he attended SAIS which was very different ...
  • Hollick, Ann - Oral History Interview 

    Hollick, Ann (2010-12-01)
    What originally brought Dr. Hollick to SAIS was the statement by John F. Kennedy, “Think what you can do for your country”. She was at Berkeley majoring in 16th century English literature planning to become a professor ...
  • Rose, Charles - Oral History Interview 

    Rose, Charles (2011-04-01)
    Originally, Charles Rose came to SAIS because he thought he wanted to go into the State Department for which he found he was entirely unsuited, so he never went. He thought he was interested in the State Department because ...
  • Bockner, Gordon - Oral History Interview 

    Bockner, Gordon (2011-05-01)
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  • Oglesby, Sam - Oral History Interview 

    Oblesby, Sam (2011-04-01)
    Sitting in his kitchen in the South Bronx of New York City, Sam Oglesby explained that he had always thought about going to graduate school, ever since his undergraduate experience at the University of Virginia. As his ...

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