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    • Three Strikes and a Miss 

      Unknown author (2011-10-04)
      From the "Sounds & Stories" online exhibit.
    • Tracy McCleary 

      Unknown author (2011-10-11)
      Photograph and transcript of interview.
    • Tracy McCleary 

      Unknown author (2011-08-12)
      Tracy McCleary had been in and out of Baltimore as a performer before settling in as leader of the band at the Plantation Club on Pennsylvania Avenue.
    • Veronica Tyler 

      Unknown author (2011-08-12)
      Veronica Tyler performed at Tanglewood with Senator Kennedy in 1966 at a benefit concert for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Miss Tyler sang a selection of operatic arias and Senator Kennedy narrated Aaron Copland's "A ...
    • William Myers 

      Unknown author (2011-10-17)
      Oral history and transcript of interview.
    • Wilmer Wise 

      Unknown author (2011-10-15)
      Transcript of interview.