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    • Sammy Louis's Band 

      Unknown author (2011-10-04)
      From the "Sounds & Stories" online exhibit.
    • Score and Parts of Symphonic Rhapsody 

      Schillinger, Joseph, 1895-1943 (1927)
      Manuscript list of parts for Joseph Schillinger's Symphonic Rhapsody, Op. 19 (composed 1927).
    • Servicemen band 

      Unknown author (2011-08-12)
      During World War II the clubs along Pennsylvania Avenue were filled with servicemen from Fort Meade, Aberdeen and Edgewood. Bandleaders who had lost musicians to the draft filled their empty chairs in their bands with ...
    • Shirley Hennigan Carter 

      Unknown author (2011-10-17)
      Oral history and transcript of interview.
    • Sonata in B minor for piano 

      Liszt, Franz, 1811-1836; Friedheim, Arthur, 1859-1932 (G. Schirmer, 1909)
      Printed edition of Liszt's Sonata in B minor for piano, containing Arthur Friedheim's corrections (in ink) of Joseffy edition.
    • Songs 

      Unknown author (1806)
      46 pages of ms. music ; 21 x 32 cm. Title on cover: Songs. Inscribed on final leaf; J. W. D. Salter, ijus liber, Novb. 18th 1806. FRIEDHEIM: THE SALTER-WILLIAMS FAMILY COLLECTION OF MUSIC. M1 .T45 v.11 c. 1
    • Statement (Inglenook Tea Rooms) 

      Unknown author (1923-06-11)
      Statement of accounts from "Inglenook Tea Rooms", listing various expenses incurred by the Friedheims.
    • "Staten Island" 

      Unknown author (1931-06)
      Photograph of Arthur Friedheim in Staten Island (a borough of New York City), taken in 1931.
    • Teacher's Guide to "The Storm is Passing Over" 

      Unknown author (2011-08-12)
      This guide provides background material and other resources for teachers using "The Storm is Passing Over" online exhibit.
    • Three Strikes and a Miss 

      Unknown author (2011-10-04)
      From the "Sounds & Stories" online exhibit.
    • "To dear Bitty from Mignon" 

      Unknown author (1913-05-13)
      Photograph of Mignon Friedheim, presumably in her teens, taken in Munich (Germany).
    • Tracy McCleary 

      Unknown author (2011-10-11)
      Photograph and transcript of interview.
    • Tracy McCleary 

      Unknown author (2011-08-12)
      Tracy McCleary had been in and out of Baltimore as a performer before settling in as leader of the band at the Plantation Club on Pennsylvania Avenue.
    • Transitions 

      Friedheim, Arthur, 1859-1932 (2011-08-30)
      Incomplete holograph sketch of Friedheim's symphonic poem "Transitions" arranged by the composer for piano, four hands.
    • Transitions : symphonic poem arr. 4 hands 

      Friedheim, Arthur, 1859-1932; McPhee, Colin, 1900-1964 (2011-09-20)
      A transcription of Arthur Friedheim's symphonic poem "Transitions," arranged for piano, four hands by his pupil Colin McPhee. McPhee went on to a career as a composer and ethnomusicologist, with a focus on the music of Bali.
    • Two-Part Harmony; Consonant Two-Part Writing 

      Schillinger, Joseph, 1895-1943 (2011-04-12)
      Mechanical aids constructed by Joseph Schillinger to illustrate his "Schillinger System" of composition. Pasteboard and brass fasteners.
    • The Varieties of Musical Experience 

      Schillinger, Joseph, 1895-1943 (2011-04-12)
      Manuscript in Joseph Schillinger's hand outlining the various topics that make up the "Varieties of Musical Experience."
    • The Varieties of Musical Experience 

      Schillinger, Joseph, 1895-1943 (2011-04-12)
      Typed manuscript of Joseph Schillinger outlining the various topics that make up the "Varieties of Musical Experience."
    • Veronica Tyler 

      Unknown author (2011-08-12)
      Veronica Tyler performed at Tanglewood with Senator Kennedy in 1966 at a benefit concert for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Miss Tyler sang a selection of operatic arias and Senator Kennedy narrated Aaron Copland's "A ...
    • Wanstead Parish Church (London, England) 

      Unknown author (2011-08-30)
      Christ Church (Wanstead Parish, London) where Arthur and Madeleine Friedheim were married in 1888.