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      Barbara Levine, Cancer, Love, Quilts, Warmth [1]
      battle, blood cancer research, bone marrow registrants, disease, entrepreneur, Erik, Foundation, hope, leukemia, organization, patients, providing nutritious meals, The There Goes My Hero Foundation [1]
      Battled against, breast cancer, cancer, family, family relationship, husband-ectomy, Jennifer, plodding along, stress, tuck kids, wellbeing. [1]
      blog, Jenna Langer, myelodysplastic syndrome, own creativity., progress, public policy, syndrome [1]
      Brain cancer, Breast cancer, survivor, Avon walks, funding, cancer research, cancer free world. [1]
      brain tumor, cancer patient, care of others, Ellen deCaro, making handsewn, patient, pilliows, teacher [1]
      breast cancer, cancer, cancer patients, cancer survivors, companionship, Jamie Galloway, provides, support, survivors, volunteer [1]
      breast cancer, cancer, challenges, diagnosis, disease, Elaine Everett, fund raising, gift, help., Johns Hopkins family, research, survived, underprivileged, volunteer [1]
      breast cancer, cancer, helping, journey, oncologist, patients, rough spots, same path, seize the days org., stories, survi, treated, women [1]
      breast cancer, Komen events, Avon walks, fundraising, breast tissue, cancer research [1]
      breast cancer, nurse, breast cancer survivors, "... get more than you give". [1]
      Breast cancer, oral cancer, mastectomy, director of bereavement, hospice. [1]
      Breast cancer, retreat,, other survivors. [1]
      Breast cancr, stage IV breast cancer, Sharsheret, non-profit organization, Jewish women. [1]
      Breathe Deep DC, 5K walk, survivors, loved ones, raise money, lung cancer. [1]
      cakes, cancer survivor, Chris, cookies, found raising, Kris and Jenny Palmer, Romance for a Cure, survivor, treats, valentines treats [1]
      cancer, cancer research, cheer, diagnosis, mermaids, mile, sarcoma, swimmers [1]
      Cancer, cancer research, wife Jenny, "Romance for a Cure", fundraising, baked goods, Valentines Day [1]
      cancer, determination, focus, marathons, perspective, positive attitude, runs, cholangiocarcinoma [1]
      colon cancer, Colontown, non-profit organization, social network, colorectal cancer survivorship [1]