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      Cancer, cancer research, wife Jenny, "Romance for a Cure", fundraising, baked goods, Valentines Day [1]
      cancer, determination, focus, marathons, perspective, positive attitude, runs, cholangiocarcinoma [1]
      colon cancer, Colontown, non-profit organization, social network, colorectal cancer survivorship [1]
      corporate job, chemotherapy, clinical trial, deseases, diagnosed, live a corporate life, lives every day, Liz Dols, lung cancer, radiation, stage IV, surgery [1]
      hardest job, rounds of melanoma, seize the day, Tom Bonner, volunteer at local hospital [1]
      High school football coach, Strength, Support (from) Family, Friends, Team [1]
      Leukemia, bone marrow donation, attorney, engaged [1]
      Lung cancer, bitter, estranged, family. [1]
      Lymphoma, wife Ellen, hospice, gratitude, support, cancer care community. [1]
      Male, Cancer, Neoplasms, Dancing, Oral History [1]
      Marathon runner, Naval Flight officer, Melanoma, surgery, cancer therapy, Miles 4 Melanoma, coach and train runners, support Melanoma Research Foundation. [1]
      Melanoma, leg, lung, Pastor, religious belief, congregation, support, prayer, family, Rebecca Wadel. [1]
      Metastatic breast cancer, retired, Air Force, intelligence officer, chairman, METAvivor Research and Support. [1]
      Ovarian cancer, family,, nonprofit, website creation [1]
      Ovarian cancer, family, nonprofit organization, websites, community. [1]
      Pancreas cancer, Music, Music Library, Lawyer, Determined, Susan Liss, Life-Long Relationship. [1]
      Religious, gardening, cooking, family, friends [1]
      Stage 4 lung cancer, non-smoker, Grand Canyon, High School reunion, grateful, appreciative. [1]
      stage one breast cancer, "Survivors helping Survivors", Johns Hopkins, treatment options, newly diagnosed cancer patients [1]
      Wife of Leroy Sievers, journalist, covered world conflicts, colon cancer, television producer, ABC, Discovery Channel, Ted Koppel, documentary, National Public Radio, blog "My Cancer". [1]