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    • Eckart, Melvin "Buddy" 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2012-09-24)
      Melvin “Buddy” Eckart was a man of faith and family who had an indomitable spirit and a penchant for country line dancing.
    • Merriam, Bill 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2012-09-27)
      Bill Merriam fights cancer the same way he runs marathons: with a steely determination, measured perspective, laser-like focus and a positive attitude.
    • Metz, Gary 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-01-31)
      Gary Metz has lost two wives to cancer. Here, he talks about his second wife, Barbara Levine, who made quilts for her two daughters as a way to leave behind her warmth and love.
    • Applegarth, Annie 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-03-11)
      Several years after Annie Applegarth battled sarcoma, she joined the Mermaids, a group that participates in Swim Across America, an event that raises money for cancer research. Before her diagnosis she had never spent ...
    • Bonner, Tom 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-03-11)
      Tom Bonner worked at a desk job most of his life. After going several rounds with melanoma, he began volunteering at a local hospital. It's the hardest job he's ever had. Click below to hear his story.
    • Bantug, Elissa 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-03-11)
      Elissa was only 23 when she was first treated for breast cancer. After going two more rounds with the disease, she understood the journey and wanted to guide others who were travelling the same path. Now, she works with ...
    • Bierly, Paul 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-03-12)
      Paul has come to appreciate everything he has like never before. Since being diagnosed with advanced skin cancer, he has taken his relationships with his wife and children to new levels. He has felt the warmth of family ...
    • Blumberg, Edel 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-03-14)
      Edel Blumberg was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 47. Despite undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, the disease returned three years later. After another course of treatment, Edel founded the Semi-Colon Club, an ...
    • Brown, Erika Hanson 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-03-14)
      Erika Hanson Brown was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002. Now she's the mayor (and founder) of Colontown, a non-profit organization that serves as a social network for people fighting colon cancer. Or, as Erika calls ...
    • Dols, Elizabeth "Liz" 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-03-25)
      "Outliving the bastards one day at a time" is the phrase Liz Dols has used since being diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 26. Adapted from a quote by Edward Abbey, it has become her mantra for doing the things that ...
    • Everett, Elaine 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-03-26)
      Elaine Everett survived a stage one breast cancer diagnosis. She has been a volunteer with the Johns Hopkins Breast Center for eleven years. She says the disease left her with a gift–being part of the Johns Hopkins family ...
    • Galloway, Jamie 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-03-26)
      Jamie Galloway volunteers her time supporting other breast cancer survivors. She provides them comfort and companionship, just as she was supported during her own battle with the disease.
    • Johnson, Heather 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-02)
      Heather Johnson is a dedicated mom, a loving wife and a cancer warrior. Heather decided early on in her fight with colon cancer that she would wage an all-out war against the disease. With her friends and family by her ...
    • Rottman, Don 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-05)
      Don is a young man with brain cancer. Since his diagnosis, he's taken up public speaking. He talks to audiences as a way to educate them, connect with people and get a few things out in the open.
    • Sauer, Erik 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-05)
      Erik was a successful entrepreneur with a young family when he was diagnosed with leukemia. His battle against the disease, and the friends he made along the way, inspired him to found The There Goes My Hero Foundation. ...
    • Stewart, Deborah 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-11)
      Deb Stewart has battled breast cancer twice. A nurse by training, she now works with breast cancer survivors, lending her support and wisdom gleaned from experience. Her work is not only valuable to patients, it's rewarding ...
    • Singer, Laurie 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-11)
      Leroy Sievers was a journalist who traveled the world covering wars, invasions and other conflicts. In 2005, he began a battle of his own against colon cancer. A producer for ABC’s Nightline, Leroy was a gifted communicator. ...
    • Thomas, Julia 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-12)
      Julie Thomas’s connection with breast cancer began in the late 1980s when her friend was diagnosed. That friend survived, but when she lost another friend to the disease in the early 1990′s, Julie decided to take action. ...
    • Wang, Tao 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-12)
      In 2009, while studying at Johns Hopkins University, Tao Wang, now age 40, was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. After diagnosis, she began to focus on helping other patients with some of the questions she, herself, ...
    • Whittles, Mike 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-05-02)
      Mike Whittles is a high school football coach who finds strength and support from his family, his friends, and his team. Click below to hear his story.