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    • Rabbin, Toby 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2014-03-10)
      Toby had cancer three times. Breast cancer three times. At first she rejected invasive treatment. Then she had a change of heart as a result of being a director of bereavement at a hospice.
    • Rottman, Don 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-05)
      Don is a young man with brain cancer. Since his diagnosis, he's taken up public speaking. He talks to audiences as a way to educate them, connect with people and get a few things out in the open.
    • Sauer, Erik 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-05)
      Erik was a successful entrepreneur with a young family when he was diagnosed with leukemia. His battle against the disease, and the friends he made along the way, inspired him to found The There Goes My Hero Foundation. ...
    • Schmitt Burr, Kristi 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-12-06)
      Bringing Light and Hope to a Rare Disease Krist Schmitt Burr has Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome (BCCNS), a rare genetic disorder that affects the way the body grows and may lead to various forms of cancer, especially ...
    • Schuller, Michael 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2014-05-05)
      After being diagnosed with lung cancer, Mike traveled to his high school reunion, the Grand Canyon, and his own back yard.
    • Shoretz, Rochelle 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-12-17)
      Rochelle Shoretz was first diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28, and then with stage IV breast cancer at age 37. She is the founder and executive director of Sharsheret, a national non-profit organization that provides ...
    • Singer, Laurie 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-11)
      Leroy Sievers was a journalist who traveled the world covering wars, invasions and other conflicts. In 2005, he began a battle of his own against colon cancer. A producer for ABC’s Nightline, Leroy was a gifted communicator. ...
    • Sorkin, Jerry 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2014-01-27)
      Jerry Sorkin created "Breathe Deep DC," a 5K walk to celebrate survivors, remember loved ones and raise money for lung cancer.
    • Spengler, Margaret 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2014-07-21)
      Margaret Spengler is the pastor of a United Methodist church in Pennsylvania who was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma on her leg and in her lung. She put her faith in God and follows her immune therapy treatment regimen ...
    • Stenstrom, Kevin 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2014-01-31)
      Kevin Stenstrom was a marathon runner and a Naval Flight officer who, during a routine physical, was diagnosed with melanoma. After several surgeries and months of cancer therapy, Kevin founded team Miles 4 Melanoma, a ...
    • Stewart, Deborah 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-11)
      Deb Stewart has battled breast cancer twice. A nurse by training, she now works with breast cancer survivors, lending her support and wisdom gleaned from experience. Her work is not only valuable to patients, it's rewarding ...
    • Sturdivant, Janina 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2014-01-27)
      Janina Sturdivant is 36 and has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. She participates in research studies and has an unusual treatment plan.She has learned to appreciate life and spending time with her children. ...
    • Thomas, Julia 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-12)
      Julie Thomas’s connection with breast cancer began in the late 1980s when her friend was diagnosed. That friend survived, but when she lost another friend to the disease in the early 1990′s, Julie decided to take action. ...
    • Tono, Ernesto 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2014-03-10)
      Ernesto Tono was a man of faith who loved gardening, cooking and, most of all, the company of his family and friends.
    • Walsh, Joy 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2014-03-27)
      Joy Walsh is a brain cancer and breast cancer survivor who has participated in 8 Avon walks in order to raise money for cancer research. It's her way of giving back and working toward a cancer free world for her children.
    • Walsh, Michele 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-12-03)
      Michele was an active young woman, working as an attorney and engaged to be married when she was diagnosed with leukemia. She's pictured above with Lisa, whose bone marrow donation save Michele's life
    • Wang, Tao 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-04-12)
      In 2009, while studying at Johns Hopkins University, Tao Wang, now age 40, was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. After diagnosis, she began to focus on helping other patients with some of the questions she, herself, ...
    • Wells, Carrie 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2014-04-01)
      For Carrie Wells, a powerful and positive part of surviving breast cancer was attending a retreat with women who shared similar journeys. Being surrounded by other survivors was a chance for connection, education, relaxation ...
    • Whittles, Mike 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-05-02)
      Mike Whittles is a high school football coach who finds strength and support from his family, his friends, and his team. Click below to hear his story.
    • Williams, Ronald 

      Seize the Days, Inc. (2013-05-02)
      Ronald Williams battled alcoholism before being diagnosed with lymphoma. Through his struggles, he has found strength in a higher power and satisfaction in volunteering his time helping other patients as they go through ...