Effects of Roadway Runoff on the Water Quality of the Codorus Creek Watershed

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Title: Effects of Roadway Runoff on the Water Quality of the Codorus Creek Watershed
Author: Porta, Megan
Abstract: This study is to serve as a model for future, intensive studies into the effect roadway runoff has on the water quality of the Codorus Creek watershed. This runoff is known to contain nonpoint source pollutants that are picked up and transported during rain and snowmelt events. Roadways specifically may contain high levels of heavy metals and hydrocarbons transported by vehicles and deposited as they travel. Preliminary samplings of runoff water at 3 sites was conducted for 5 separate rainfall events (August 28, September 5, September 8, September 11, and November 16) and were tested for the following: lead, zinc, pH, hydrocarbons, turbidity, and total suspended solids. These samples were analyzed and the results compared with the EPA’s National Recommended Water Quality Criteria and similar studies on the effects of roadway runoff in other locations. While further, more thorough investigation is necessary to verify my results, it appears that there is a slight correlation between the concentrations of pollutants associated with roadway runoff and the level of vehicular traffic experienced by each roadway.
URI: http://jhir.library.jhu.edu/handle/1774.2/35702
Date: 2011-12-13
Subject: Pollution
Water quality

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