Aerial Photos Baltimore Harbor 1927

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Title: Aerial Photos Baltimore Harbor 1927
Description: These digital images were produced in the fall of 2011 from the original photos held by the Maryland Port Administration. We are indebted to the MPA staff for helping us make these images available. Although the numbering on the index sheet titled “Aerial Photo’s Baltio. Harbor 1927” suggests that photography may have been produced for a larger portion of the Baltimore metropolitan area, only coverage for index numbers 52, 53, 54, 56, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 80A, 80B, was included in the Maryland Port Administration’s collection. We have not found a source for additional 1927 aerial photo coverage.
Date: 1927
Subject: Baltimore (Md.)--Maps
Aerial Photography--Baltimore (Md.)

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Index 1927 Aerial.jp2 167.2Mb image/jp2 Download
Index 1927 Aerial.jpg 76.34Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-52.jp2 161.5Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-52.jpg 70.58Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-53.jp2 161.1Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-53.jpg 70.26Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-54.jp2 162.0Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-54.jpg 72.21Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-56.jp2 158.2Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-56.jpg 68.27Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-61.jp2 162.5Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-61.jpg 71.21Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-62.jp2 163.6Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-62.jpg 72.31Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-63.jp2 165.8Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-63.jpg 70.31Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-64.jp2 163.6Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-64.jpg 72.10Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-65.jp2 163.4Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-65.jpg 70.83Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-70.jp2 161.1Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-70.jpg 69.08Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-71.jp2 165.2Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-71.jpg 68.84Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-72.jp2 171.2Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-72.jpg 73.26Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-73.jp2 162.2Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-73.jpg 69.34Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-74.jp2 158.9Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-74.jpg 67.09Mb image/jpeg Download
MP_1927-80.jp2 159.1Mb image/jp2 Download
MP_1927-80.jpg 66.52Mb image/jpeg Download

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