Coding Reference: An Analytical Approach to Assessment

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Title: Coding Reference: An Analytical Approach to Assessment
Author: Koenig, Adriane; Burri, Margaret; Heslip, Steven
Abstract: Purpose: The research consultation model at the Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University is a part of a two-tiered model that allows for sophisticated research transactions to be handled by librarians. This model is a core function of our university library system, and a function which we seek to improve. Design: Librarian consultations are documented within RefAnalytics, a tool that allows libraries to track reference transactions. Fields used in reporting include: question asked, answer given, patron type, contact type, resources used, and READ (Reference Effort Assessment Data) scale number assigned to the transaction. Methodology/Approach: In a collaboration between the Academic Liaison department and the User Experience Group, data from the past year of RefAnalytics transactions is coded through a carefully designed coding architecture. Using Nvivo, data is accessible through complex matrix queries which illuminate findings concerning user behavior and librarian reporting. Practical implications/Value: When analysis is complete, findings will inform more sophisticated understandings of services reporting and open avenues into ways in which we can innovate within the current service model. This analysis cycle is an important first step in beginning a rigorous assessment tradition within the Academic Liaison Department.
Description: Poster presentation, ARL Assessment Conference 2012, Charlottesville, VA
Date: 2012-10-29
Subject: NVivo

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