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    • Oral history of A.D. 

      A.D. (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2020-03-06)
      “A.D.” is a member of the Johns Hopkins University graduating class of 2020. In this interview, A.D. describes growing up in a big family in South Central Los Angeles. He shares his experience attending the public school ...
    • Oral history of A.Z. 

      A.Z. (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2019-03-19)
      "A.Z." is a member of the Johns Hopkins University graduating class of 2019, a pre-med student who majored in molecular and cellular biology. In this interview, they discuss growing up with their parents and brother on ...
    • Oral history of Alexander Kossiakoff 

      Kossiakoff, Alexander (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2000-03-14)
      In this interview, Kossiakoff discusses how he came to study and work at Johns Hopkins and some of the major initiatives at APL during his tenure. This oral history is a part of the Mame Warren oral histories series.
    • Oral history of Anne Clark 

      Clark, Anne (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1999-11-24)
      Anne Clark was born in Ellicott City and is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University. In this interview, she recounts her experiences as part of McCoy College, the Odyssey Program and the Evergreen Society. This oral history ...
    • Oral history of Anne Pinkard 

      Pinkard, Anne (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2001-04-17)
      Anne "Nan" Pinkard was a trustee of Johns Hopkins University and Baltimore philanthropist. Pinkard was the first woman to be elected as a full member of the Johns Hopkins Hospital's board, and served as president of the ...
    • Oral history of Arthur Sarnoff 

      Sarnoff, Arthur (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2015-03-27)
      Arthur Sarnoff graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1953. After graduation, he served in the United States Army Security Agency in Japan. For his service, he was awarded the Commendation Ribbon for Meritorious ...
    • Oral history of Barbara Bonnell 

      Bonnell, Barbara (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1999-07-12)
      Barbara Bonnell attended Wellesley College and was a Fulbright scholar before coming to Hopkins in 1953 for her M.A. in international relations. She was deputy director of the Greater Baltimore Committee in the 1950s and ...
    • Oral history of Ben Carson 

      Carson, Benjamin (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1999-12-17)
      Born in Detroit, Michigan on September 18, 1951, Dr. Benjamin Carson received his B.A. in psychology from Yale University and his M.D. from the University of Michigan Medical School, after which he became a resident in ...
    • Oral history of Bert Vogelstein 

      Vogelstein, Bert (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1999-12-22)
      Bert Vogelstein was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and went on to receive his medical degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has served ...
    • Oral history of Bob Scott 

      Scott, Bob (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2000-04-03)
      Robert Scott attended Johns Hopkins University, where he lettered on the 1950 National Championship Lacrosse Team and was chosen as an Honorable Mention All-American midfielder in 1952. Scott went on to join the Army. Scott ...
    • Oral history of C.S. 

      C.S. (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2020-03-04)
      “C.S.” is a member of the Johns Hopkins University graduating class of 2020. In this interview, he describes growing up in Miami after immigrating to the United States from Cuba as a young child. He discusses how he prepared ...
    • Oral history of Cathy DeAngelis 

      DeAngelis, Cathy (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1999-11-15)
      Dr. Catherine DeAngelis is a professor emerita of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and professor of health policy and management at the School of Public Health. She was the first woman ...
    • Oral history of Charles Baughan 

      Warren, Anne; Baughan, Charles (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2002-10-02)
      Charles "Zan" Baughan worked with the Johns Hopkins University libraries for more than 45 years, beginning in 1955. In this interview, Baughan recounts his years working at Johns Hopkins University and the changes he ...
    • Oral history of Charles Nicodemus 

      Nicodemus, Charles (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2015-10-13)
      Charles Nicodemus graduated from Johns Hopkins in 1950 with a degree in business. During his time on campus, Nicodemus was an active member of both the Glee Club and SAC. After graduation, Nicodemus went to work for his ...
    • Oral history of Chester Wickwire 

      Wickwire, Chester (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1999-07-09)
      Chester Wickwire was born in Nebraska. He completed his undergraduate work at Union College and went on to earn a graduate degree from Yale Divinity School. Wickwire graduated in 1953, and was hired to work at Johns Hopkins ...
    • Oral history of David Cohen 

      Cohen, David (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2015-12-16)
      Dr. David Cohen is currently Emeritus Professor of History and Anthropology at the University of Michigan. While completing his Ph.D. in African history at the University of London, he joined the Johns Hopkins History ...
    • Oral history of Donald Ainslie Henderson 

      Henderson, Donald (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1999-12-21)
      Dr. Donald Henderson was born in Lakewood, Ohio on September 7, 1928. He received his bachelor's degree from Oberlin College, his M.D. from the University of Rochester School of Medicine, and his M.P.H (Masters of Public ...
    • Oral history of Donald Coffey 

      Coffey, Donald (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2000-05-02)
      Donald S. Coffey was born on October 10, 1932 in Bristol, Virginia. He attended King College there before transferring to the University of East Tennessee. In 1957, Coffey moved to Baltimore to work for Westinghouse, after ...
    • Oral history of Donald Perry 

      Perry, Donald (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 2020-03-01)
      Donald Perry, a 1961 graduate of Johns Hopkins University, talks about his life, career, and his experience as one of the few African-American undergraduate students at Hopkins.
    • Oral history of Edward Magruder Passano 

      Passano, Edward Magruder (Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, 1999-12-13)
      Edward "Mac" Magruder Passano was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He earned both an undergraduate (1967) and graduate (1969) degree from Johns Hopkins University. He is the CEO of One Waverly LLC, a philanthropic consulting ...